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Liberty Mutual Insurance Regional Offices Legacy West in Plano, Texas


  • Parking Structure
  • Sustainable Design
  • Workplace


1,100,000 SF
Creating the Corporate Campus

The 1,100,000 SF Liberty Mutual office building will provide a modern work environment for 5,000 employees. With a height of nearly 300 feet, the Liberty Mutual campus is the tallest office project in Plano.

Translating Office Culture into Real Design

The new regional offices for Liberty Mutual Insurance is located at the corner of State Highway 121 and the North Dallas Tollway at the vibrant Legacy West development. Legacy West is known for its mixed-use development full of retail, multifamily and most notably the new headquarters for corporate giants, Toyota, JP Morgan Chase and Fed Ex.

  • 5,000 Employees
  • 2 Rooftop Courtyards
  • 11 Floors per Office Tower
  • 7 Level Parking Structure
Overcoming Program, Schedule and Budget Challenges

From the outset of the project, Liberty Mutual locked arms with KDC and OMNIPLAN to create a design solution that would exceed everyone’s expectations. The first project challenge was how to handle such a massive project, sitting at nearly one million square feet, while staying under budget and within their tight timeframe for owner occupancy.

    Reducing the Schedule

    After evaluating several strategies, the clear solution was to split the project into two packages: core and shell and interior design. While Liberty Mutual interviewed other interior design firms, OMNIPLAN brought in their friends at lauckgroup to partner on the interior design. The message was clear: with the OMNIPLAN | lauckgroup team executing the interior design package, the project would be seamless and provide the overlap needed from core and shell to interiors to the other for a fully collaborative and integrated team. This collaboration helped shape the experience in this new Liberty Community. As a result, we were able to deliver this project with only a 27-month construction schedule.

    The Design

    Two 11-story office towers rest on this community floor and are provided with fantastic views of the brand new Legacy West and the surrounding community of Plano. The towers were cleverly massed and designed to be identical, but the placement and orientation relative to each other created a composition that is both sculptural and unique to this emerging Plano skyline. The typical office tower floor plates were designed with optimum efficiency in mind. The structural framework is very much conventional, but with creative massing and envelope design, the overall architecture is one of elegance and timelessness.

    Sustainable Design

    The Liberty Mutual Campus at Legacy West has been awarded the LEED Gold certification and is 20 percent more energy efficient than the typical modern office, ultimately saving the client money in operating costs. Specific focus was given to areas that can be identified to help reduction of costs, such as the usual big ticket items like structural elements and mechanical systems. The design team provided options to the Liberty Mutual team to target the right mix of efficient designs while also matching maintenance requirements.

Product Delivery

KDC and Liberty Mutual came to OMNIPLAN because they wanted a community-driven environment that would create a synergistic workplace for all employees, and we did just that. Through many collaborative work sessions with both the developer and the client, we worked through major programming challenges and ultimately brought them an office they can be proud of.

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