Liberty Mutual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Liberty Mutual held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new campus at Plano’s Legacy West. Thousands of new employees are set to move into the new facilities in January. With a height of nearly 300 feet, the Liberty Mutual campus will be the tallest office project in Plano.The building was designed to have a community-driven environment that would create a synergistic workplace for all employees.  To create such an environment, the building needed to address some important program requirements. The solution became known as the “superfloor.” Resting on top of the 4,700-car parking garage, the 250,000 square foot superfloor is the heart of the building and houses two call centers along with amenities, two courtyards, a coffee bar, a large cafeteria, conference rooms, and a health center. All employees will be moving through this community floor regardless if they are general staff or executive group. Two 11-story office towers rise from there and provide fantastic views of this vibrant area. 

Check out the video below from the Dallas Morning News to learn more about the project and the ribbon cutting ceremony that took place. 

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