How do you maintain culture and tradition in a new project?

La Plaza Mall McAllen, Texas


  • Interiors
  • Retail


360,000 SF
Staying True to Surrounding Culture

Through exploring McAllen’s culture, we recognized a need to establish La Plaza with a clear definition of place among a landscape where the art of rational building is imperative.

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Heritage, Tradition & Cultural Progress

Based on simple, innovative and authentic design, the design philosophy centers around two essential ideas. One is the use of the building’s structure to create a meaningful place within the established site, and the other is to embrace the local culture of McAllen, Texas.

The project has an authentically clear fit into its surrounding context.

A Clear Fit for the Area

These ideas evolved from an appreciation of their heritage and we executed them into our design through the use of color, texture, artistry and patterns. At La Plaza mall, the design is a beautiful pairing of both architecture and heritage and blends seamlessly into the surrounding context.

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