How do you restore a home for hope?

The Magdalen House Dallas, TX


  • Cultural
  • Non-Profit


8,952 SF
A Story of Restoration

Magdalen House, a non-profit organization helping women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism, purchased the property in 2018 to provide residential and support services for their clients. Similar to many historic residences, the house had been previously subdivided and then vacant for a number of years. The project team began with an evaluation of the building and program and quickly identified the goal of restoration and rehabilitation of the structure to support the Magdalen House mission as well as respecting is location in a historic district and surrounding residential community.

Integrating History

In addition to the restoration of original exterior finish, the rear additions were removed and replaced with a new addition to support the project program and be more compatible with the original structure and integrate with the historic roof line. Other work included opening the front porch at the ground and upper level, restoration of the original front entrance door and sidelights, restoration of the entrance hall stair and paneling and exposing original fireplaces and finishes where these remained.

What was created is beautifully done and something we are so honored to be able to use in furthering our mission.

Alice Nalepka, Director of Communications

The project, which was completed in Spring 2021, contributes to the restoration of the Gaston Avenue streetscape, and restores one of the remaining Gaston Avenue residential structures for the next 100 years as a part of the continued revitalization of Old East Dallas.


  • 2022 Preservation Achievement Award
    2022 Preservation Achievement Award Rehabilitation or Adaptive Use of a residential historic property