You Know You Work with Architects If...

  1. Font selection and spacing must be considered deeply before you fire off that office memo.
  2. Everyone in your office wears the exact same glasses.Is there a Warby Parker sponsorship I don't know about? 
  3. You can tell a person’s job description by the amount of stuff they have on their desk. So naturally, my desk is covered.
  4.  It is a challenge to keep pilot pens, sign pens, trace paper and double-sided foam tape in stock.One building = 127 pilot pens + 482 pieces of trace paper + 13 roles of tape.
  5. You are the only one in the office who wears color. Administrative Assistant job description: bring color to the blueprints (pun intended).  
  6. Everyone who walks through the lobby shifts the furniture by 1/8thof an inch. You have no idea how long our office renovations took.. 
  7. You receive work emails at all hours of the night .Note to self: the most important emails come after 2am. 
  8.  The kitchen appliances are chosen for style and beauty rather than size or function. Nothing more functional than a dishwasher without buttons or symbol to tell you whether it's on. 
  9. Advil and band-aids are required inventory. 
  10. You are the only one in the office whose vacation photos include humans. 300 photos of arbitrary corners and architectural details, anyone? 
  11. Slivers of balsa wood and tiny twig trees fill desk drawers. 
  12. Obsessive compulsive disorder is the norm. It is the job of the administrative assistant to bring that down a notch. 
  13. You can safely assume that over half of the married folks in the office have architect spouses. interests read: must be fluent in Revit lingo and love I.M Pei.
  14. There is absolutely no storage space in your office for normal office stuff. Style and beauty over function, remember? 
  15. You have carpet sample doormats and tile sample coasters. Nothing like placing a steaming cup of coffee on a Texas shaped stepping stone. 
  16. The parking lot is full of black, grey and silver cars.And maybe a light blue scooter for those millennials. 
  17. You feel genuinely appreciated because they realize they are kinda lost without you.



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