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Our culture is creative and collaborative. Our creative process is always guided by our commitment to excellence in project delivery and technical expertise.  We are a tight-knit team of talented, creative and confident dreamers who are defined by their trustworthiness and integrity of character. We understand that it is through the talents and abilities of our people that we deliver maximum value to our clients.


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We embody an entrepreneurial spirit consistently exploring new ideas... but we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Andy Fast, Director of Design
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Equity & Diversity

At OMNIPLAN, you’ll hear our team describe us as a family when talking about office culture. That’s because we treat everyone as equal and promote diversity of ideas. We believe that all people bring a unique perspective and background to the table, and it is at the intersection of these ideas that truly equitable design occurs. This means every race, gender and religion should be welcomed, included, and given room to share their ideas. We are in the business of building communities through every project we touch, and we can only achieve that when everyone has equal value.

Equal employment opportunity is a fundamental policy at OMNIPLAN. Our firm is currently comprised of 62% minority/female team members, and our management team includes both minority and female representation. We actively seek diversity at every level of our firm. We believe that through this diversity we will enjoy a stronger, more creative and more compelling professional environment.

Community Impact

We are passionate about advancing diversity in the profession of architecture by exposing underserved communities to the practice of architecture and demonstrating the power of good design. We have active participation in the National Organization of Minorities Architects, ULI Urban Plan, and WeCare. The following organizations are where our team spends countless hours serving in a deeper capacity:

  • ACE Mentorship

    OMNIPLAN hosts ACE events twice a year. We also have a couple of members who are heavily involved in this organization. ACE introduces high school juniors and seniors to career opportunities offered by the Architectural, Construction and Engineering professions. Students are exposed to a variety of skills through programs that integrate hands-on activities, tours, field trips and weekly interaction with mentors from area industry firms. Learn More

  • Girl Scouts Mentor Program

    Since 2004, a group of our designers has mentored girls at Robert T. Hill Middle School through Girl Scouts of America's annual Cooke Box Creation Competition. The program provides an opportunity to teach STEM skills and critical thinking skills as teams design and transform cookie boxes into impressive structures. Through the design and building process, the girls also learn team-building abilities. Learn More

  • CityLab High School

    We have partnered with CityLab High School, a Dallas ISD Choice High School to offer students interested in architecture and urban planning an inside look into the lives of architects. Through mentorships and shadowing opportunities, students are able to see what we do and consequently be encouraged to continue their architecture education through high school and into a career. Learn More

We also give back to the architectural community. Each year we contribute scholarship funds that support two architecture students as they strive to reach their professional goals. We do this through scholarship funds that our founders started decades ago. The George Harrell II | OMNIPLAN Scholarship is with the Texas Architectural Foundation and is available to applicants from all eight architecture schools in Texas. The OMNIPLAN/Harrell+Hamilton Scholarship is with the AIA Dallas Architectural Foundation and is available to students at the University of Texas at Arlington.


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Work-Life Balance

At OMNIPLAN, we encourage a healthy work-life balance. This means having the flexibility to get things done at work while still having time and energy to enjoy your personal life. We care about our coworkers and are passionate about cultivating each person’s career while also celebrating and rewarding both personal and professional achievements. We consider ourselves a family and celebrate together in times of joy, and we lean on each other through times of grief. Culture is the living, beating heart of the firm that pumps the life into each and every person in the firm on a daily basis. We strive to create a healthy work environment that is fun, collaborative and fulfilling because we believe it is essential in maintaining a healthy team.

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Our Craft

Our process in the studio reflects our culture. We always welcome a diverse and collaborative effort within our team and our clients. It is through this process that we create the most innovative and unique response for every project.

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