Life in the Studio

At the Heart

Our firm is passionate about cultivating careers and rewarding personal and professional achievements. More than that, our firm is truly a family. We lean on each other through times of joy and grief alike. We are bonded in ways that transcend conventional workplace cliques. We have a real sense of camaraderie in the studio. A culture is like the living, beating heart of the firm that pumps the life into each and every person in the firm on a daily basis. Our culture is heart-healthy and vibrant. Hear what some of our people think about our firm.

What makes OMNIPLAN truly special is the people. From top to bottom, this group of people is outstanding and a testament that the work family cliché can be true.

Joseph Morales

We have a really unique office environment.

Mike Hellinghausen AIA, Principal

I love the people I work with and I'm always learning new things.

Christie Sparrow