Stonebriar Centre Refresh Frisco, Texas


1,600,000 SF


  • Retail

An Urban Experience

The mall isn’t dead.
The boring is.

Take a look around the world and you will see the shopping mall is alive and well. People enjoy an enclosed and air-conditioned space to shop, dine and play - especially in Texas. Where many traditional malls are missing the mark is in regards to experience. With the advent of e-commerce, we have to provide a meaningful connection for people in their shopping environments that give them a reason to leave their homes. Further, social media has given us exciting virtual experiences that we now desire in our physical environments more than we ever have before.

At Stonebriar Centre, we designed an engaging experience that provides an enclosed urban experience using key principles of urban planning:

Community Gathering Spaces
Connected Neighborhoods
Natural Elements

This transformation will revitalize the center and create memorable experiences that are naturally instagrammable without trying too hard. With hospitality-level finishes and a simplified palette, Stonebriar Centre is timeless and elegant serving its community for years to come.


A Place for Community

While we’ve created zones of interest throughout the centre, The Community Hall is the new heart of the entire development and welcomes all. This court has always been open, and the new addition of this monumental stair and amphitheater seating offer greater connectivity to the Food Union and a more dynamic space to eat, gather and view special events in the court.


Intuitive Flow From One Hub to Another
The new grand stair not only serves as a primary connector to the Food Union, but also provides amphitheater seating for patrons to eat, socialize, and reconnect. We are celebrating natural light by removing obstacles for the light. Docking stations and lush landscaping throughout the Community Hall offer both technological and natural ways to recharge.



A Variety of Dining

In the evolution of retail, we’re seeing that food is becoming one of the shopping mall’s new anchors and can make or break a shopping experience.  Gone are the days of traditional food courts, and instead we are seeing the rise of curated fast-casual dining that offers hospitality-level experience at a variety of price points.

Options for Everyone
Our approach to the new Food Union is to offer a cleaner palette consistent with the rest of the mall while providing different types of food experiences from full-service to fast-casual. We also are removing the carousel and creating an enclosed open-air atrium that would serve a new full-service restaurant.


Bringing the Outdoors In

Highlighting Natural Elements in Green Coves


Throughout the entire mall, we’re bringing in natural elements including real trees and planters, as well as wood and concrete. These raw and exposed materials warm up the space and give heart and character to the mall in a timeless way. These Green Coves are highlights of this transformation and will be a place for people to unwind and recharge. 


A Reason to Stay

The shopping center has four major entertainment anchors including a movie theater, two restaurants, Dave & Busters and now has Texas’s first Kidzania. OMNIPLAN designed the Kidzania which opened in 2019 which has the nose of an actual Boeing 737 that punctures through the wall above the entrance of KidZania.

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