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A Need for Healthcare

The Watermark UrgentCare Clinic was born of the need for healthcare to low-income populations surrounding Watermark Community Church in North Dallas. The 3,900 SF clinic, created as a partnership between QuestCare Foundation and Watermark Church, was designed to provide comprehensive and urgent care services to those who do not have the insurance coverage to receive it elsewhere.

Serving the greater Dallas Area

Watermark Health and QuestCare Foundation funded the construction and basic operation of the clinic, supporting their respective outreach missions. Open since August of 2013, the clinic’s patient count continues to trend upwards. Patients come mostly from the immediate surrounding area, one of the most densely populated in Dallas. They also come from other parts of the city, proving that there is a demand for quality, inexpensive healthcare services.

Considering that under-served populations typically have less familiarity with healthcare environments and can be intimidated by institutional spaces, the design approach intended to make the clinic warm, inviting, and welcoming. This is reflected not only in the choice of finish materials but also in the organization of the program, from the reception area, through triage, and on to exam rooms.

A key component of the program is the multi-purpose conference room/classroom adjacent to the waiting room, which serves staff needs (training, conference), and broader community outreach goals (information, education).

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Continued Outreach

After the success of this clinic in Dallas, Watermark saw the need for more locations. Soon after, they asked OMNIPLAN to help build a second location in the growing city of Plano that opened in 2018. Since then both locations have been successfully providing healthcare to those in need. In fact, since 2020, both locations have conducted over 40,000 patient visits. Even with two clinics now open and serving the greater Dallas area, Watermark still found that there was a need for more. After surveying the Dallas area and the ongoing needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Watermark Health found that many people in Dallas and Fort Worth have limited access to healthcare and are either relying on the ambulance system to provide transportation to Emergency Rooms or not seeking healthcare when they need it.

Knowing this, Watermark Health knew their next outreach program needed to be one that could travel. Thus was created, the Mobile Clinic. With such a high demand for healthcare in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth areas, Watermark Health now has the ability to reach those people in need. The Mobile Clinic is a custom medical office on wheels that is complete with a waiting room and two patient rooms. The mobile clinic has off-the-grid capabilities and tons of natural light. With the continued use of their warm material pallet that the Dallas and Plano Locations have, the Mobile Clinic has an inviting atmosphere that feels welcoming and safe. See below for a clip of the Mobile Clinic being built.