How do you create a warm and inviting space for all?

Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Chapel Carrollton, Texas


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6,324 SF
A New Chapel

Bent Tree Fellowship is a vibrant church amid a suburban sea of concrete-laden developments and parking lots. The church sought to provide a sacred space to its body for respite and reflection that would evoke beauty and awe in members.

The church also needed a space that fostered community for their rapidly growing Spanish-speaking congregation. Many of those in this congregation were more accustomed to traditional spaces, making the mega-church experience intimidating.

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The Answer Was Clear

The church needed a new welcoming place where the sacred space was purposeful, the traditional elements were embraced, and Spanish was spoken and celebrated. The design of the building accomplishes this goal through the use of a warm and rich material palette, natural lighting and a connection to the outdoors. A curved stone wall shields the chapel from the large adjacent parking lot while shaping the landscaped lawn welcoming people in. Internal to the campus, a landscaped courtyard creates quiet spaces for contemplation. A series of expansive glass doors invite members in to this sacred space where respite is found.

    • Rich, Warm Materials
    • Attention to Detail
    • A Sense of Arrival
    • Attention to Detail
    • Pattern and Purpose
    • Connection with the Outdoors

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