Watermark Institute Dallas, TX


11,540 SF


  • Worship
  • Interiors

OMNIPLAN recently completed the design of a new space for the Watermark Institute, which serves as a hub for students pursuing pastoral training for faith-based careers. Although Watermark is recognized locally as a large church, one of its key missions is to ensure that its members receive comprehensive education, especially those with limited or no faith background. This includes offering courses that teach newcomers how to read the Bible critically, understand historical contexts, and engage in logical discussions about scripture.

The campus features a large classroom space with flexible seating arrangements, allowing for versatile teaching methods and adaptable learning environments. Break-out study spaces are strategically placed throughout the campus, providing students with opportunities for focused individual or group work. Additionally, a lounge space equipped with a kitchen encourages social interaction and informal gatherings, fostering a sense of community among students and faculty members. The design also emphasizes indoor-outdoor connectivity, creating seamless transitions between indoor learning spaces and outdoor areas for recreation, reflection, and contemplation. These elements together create a dynamic and conducive environment for holistic education and personal growth at the Watermark Institute.