Collin Creek Mall Plano, Texas


48 acres


  • Mixed-Use
  • Retail
  • Masterplanning

Not Just a Mall Anymore

The vision for Collin Creek Mall is to transform it into a modern successful mixed-use project. Our approach was to right-size the mall shops and bring new uses to the property targeting a wider demographic to become a true mixed-use project. OMNIPLAN created two options, both of which include an open-air park flanked by restaurants on two levels and connected to an enclosed level two mall entry. In addition, we proposed reopening Collin Creek and using it as an amenity with restaurants and cafes overlooking a new creek boardwalk.


Creating a Mixed-Use Environment

Each section of the project consists of different uses including office, hotel, apartments, town-homes and medical. Current traffic access points are strengthened to the North at 15th Street and to the East at US 75 bringing the traffic directly into the heart of the project. Special attention was put into place-making and creating Collin Creek Mall a unique destination.