8 Ways Newforma Mobile Apps Keep Information Flowing in the Field

OMNIPLAN has found a great resource in using Newforma Mobile Apps to help in the design, documentation, and construction phases of our work. Most of our projects are out of town and require travel for meetings. It is often critical that the information exchanged in these meetings is distributed to the team in a timely manner.

With the use of tablet and smart phone devices with Newforma mobile apps installed, we’re able to respond faster and keep the flow of information moving.

Here are 8 ways Newforma Mobile Apps help with that flow:

  1. Up to Date

    Each project’s most current project plan documents are delivered automatically to your iPad

  2. Redlines on the Go

    Mark up documents while in the field

  3. In Context Notes

    Add action items, field notes, and punch list items directly to plan documents

  4. Link Documents

    Link areas in plan documents to other plan documents

  5. Share with Team

    Automatically upload all of your new project items and links so that the rest of the project team can access them immediately

  6. Add Photos

    Create new project items on the job site supplemented by photos

  7. Create Item Logs

    Quickly create and log action items, field notes, and punch lists and upload them to their corresponding projects

  8. Flexibility and Versatility

    Markup a photo, email a single task, or email a complete report

Check out the Newforma Mobile Apps available for iOS

  • Project documents readily accessible

  • Action items, fields notes, punch lists, etc.

  • Field task management all in one place

  • Access your filed project emails

  • Both capture and access project information

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