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OMNIPLAN designed the interior of Morgan Stanley’s recent branch expansions including the Dallas, Plano, Texas and Austin Branch. The Morgan Stanley, Plano, Texas Branch office, is a relocation within the same building complex, expanding the operation to a 17,000 SF suite. The expansion includes Private Wealth Management suites, a Branch training facility, and expansion to support the growing Plano base market. The identity created is independent from the North Dallas and Austin Branch‘s, but unique to this location.

The Morgan Stanley Austin Branch relocated to a new 14,000 SF facility in the new Frost Bank Tower in the Heart of downtown Austin, Texas. The “barn door” concept is a departure from the traditional design. The Austin complex will serve as a model for future branch offices, wanting a departure from the traditional past of Morgan Stanley Interiors. Texas limestone floors, complemented by local artists give the branch a chance to break away from the Morgan Stanley standards. This project was collaboration between OMNIPLAN and Morgan Stanley’s Corporate Design Team in New York City.