Cross Church Haslet, Texas

Cross Church, a campus of North Richland Hills Bible Church, retained OMNIPLAN to create a new warm and inviting campus that would become an extension of the surrounding neighborhood. It’s envisioned to be a seven-day-a-week campus with indoor and outdoor community gathering spaces. OMNIPLAN’s master plan includes four phases and can be easily adjusted to align with future fundraising availability. All of the program’s space is flexible and multi-purpose in order to maximize its usefulness. In order to enhance the campus with complimentary components and to help pay for the necessary infrastructure, the team is exploring the possibility of sharing land with the community and city.

The first phase, designed by OMNIPLAN, will include a 300-seat worship/multi-purpose room with movable chairs, AV technology, and storage space. A community lobby will include a cafe, information center, ministry gallery, an encourager’s room, two administrative offices and support spaces. The children’s ministry area will have six classrooms and an indoor play area. The site will also include 75 surface parking spots, a landscaped community lawn and a playground.