How can you mold a historic property into a luxury brand?

Highland Park Village Dallas, Texas


  • Renovation
  • Interiors
  • Retail


250,000 SF
Building G

OMNIPLAN is currently working on an expansion and renovation to Highland Park Village’s Building G, which was originally added to the historic center in 1965. Serving as the primary gateway into the shopping center, OMNIPLAN’s design aims to pronounce the Village’s presence from Preston Road and reshape the building’s exterior to seamlessly blend with the Village’s authentic Spanish Renaissance style.

Highland Park Village Before Picture Highland Park Village Before Picture

Creating a Luxury Experience

OMNIPLAN has renovated several spaces including finish-outs for some of the luxury retail brands at Highland Park Village. Many of the tenants are exclusive to Highland Park Village making the site a one-of-a-kind retail destination. The Village” includes more than 70 tenants, including some of the finest names in luxury retail and was built by the developers as a “town square”. The design theme throughout the site is a handsome and unique Mediterranean Spanish-style architecture. With each design addition, we have restored or maintained the Village’s historic character with authentic architectural detailing in the Spanish Renaissance style.

We’re trying to make Highland Park Village an international brand name. We want to be the Rodeo Drive in this market.

Ray Washburne
  • 7 Buildings
  • 70+ Tenants
  • 8 Decades of History
  • 250K Square Feet
Ongoing Design

OMNIPLAN continues to work with the owners of The Village to improve the center through modest expansions to the historic structures and exploring future planning opportunities. Originally designed in the 1930’s, Highland Park Village was billed as the country’s first self-contained, open-air shopping center when it opened in 1931. It was also declared a National Historic Landmark in 2000.

    Building G Renovation

    The multi-level expansion adds 19,000 SF to the third level and a 6,100 SF rooftop dining terrace. The existing 21,000 SF of space on the second floor will be converted from office to retail, creating space for additional luxury retailers.

    Diane von Furstenberg Addition

    The Diane von Furstenberg store at Highland Park Village is a chic and unique modern interior, composed of white with black accents and monochromatic textures throughout the store. Bold prints and rigid patterns juxtapose the historic exterior of the store, offering a focal point for the consumer’s eye. The overall feeling of the store is very minimal, allowing the product to be the highlight of the experience.

    Hermes Addition

    This Hermes store is the only one in the DFW area, and one of only two in the entire state of Texas. This unique store was added to the repertoire of exclusive high-end retailers and is the only retailer to include two-story design. The addition of Hermes to Highland Park sparked national conversation, as well as local conversation.


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The Clock Tower

This space is designed with Spanish Renaissance garden courtyards, authentic architectural detailing and convenience for pedestrian access to shopping. The multi-level office and retail space expands the potential for additional luxury tenants. parking is provided in a below grade parking garage.

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