Working with your Spouse at OMNIPLAN

It’s Valentine’s day, so in honor of this holiday, we wanted to talk about our couples in the office. We have FIVE married couples. Knowing and working with these wonderful couples, we have often questioned what it’s like for them to work together. Have they ever worked on the same project together and do they carpool together? What is it like being with your spouse almost 24/7?

Talking with architects from other firms, we have also come to realize that we aren't the only ones with more than one married couple. So maybe it’s just a common thing for architects to marry other architects. One thing for sure is that none of our couples are alike. Some have taken their husband's last name, while some have not. Some work on the same project teams, while others have specified that they need to sit on opposite sides of the office. However, it is very apparent that having several couples in the office has helped to mold our office culture. Here at OMNIPLAN, we are very much a family. Our culture and love for our communities are just a few special qualities that set us apart from other firms.

All this to say, we wanted to know how they really feel about working with each other. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we interviewed one of our couples, Adam and Jenny Thomason to find out what they think. We also had a little fun with it and made sure to question them separately, so they couldn’t influence each other’s answers. Here’s what they said:

  1. Who is more popular/social in the office?
    Jenny: Adam
    Adam: ME. Outside of the office too!
  2. Who is more likely to be late?
    Jenny: Adam
    Adam: ME. If you’re referring to first thing in the morning, the rest of the day it’s likely to be Jenny.
  3. What is your favorite part about working with your spouse?
    Jenny: It’s nice to spontaneously go to lunch together sometimes.  We didn’t get to do that when we worked at different firms.
    Adam: Just being able to see each other more during the day.
  4. How did you meet?
    Jenny: We met at a co-worker/friend’s party.  I had just graduated school and started a new job.  My friend from school, Sam (who now works at OMNIPLAN) had just started at RTKL.  We each had co-workers throwing parties and decided to go to both together. Adam was at both parties so that was how we met. We didn’t start dating until a few months later when we started working together.
    Adam: We both ended up at the same two house parties on the same day. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. She had a friend from college that worked with me (who also works at OMNIPLAN now) and they agreed to go with each other to parties their co-workers were hosting. I happened to be friend with both hosts so also ended up at both parties. Months later I started working at the firm she was at and we started dating soon after.
  5. Have you guys worked on a project together? What was that like?
    Jenny: I don’t think we’ve worked on a project together at work. We specifically request that we don’t work together on projects, but we are currently working together on our house renovation plans.  I think we work really well together because our strengths complement each other, and we respect each other’s opinions.
    Adam: Very briefly. She’s helped out with a project I was working on last year for a couple weeks around the holidays. But, I prefer to work on separate projects.
  6. Who eats out more?
    Jenny: At lunch…I probably eat out more.  On the weekends… Adam definitely eats out more.
    Adam: It’s pretty close, but I’d say, Jenny.
  7. Who is more likely to stay late at the office?
    Jenny: Adam
    Adam: Definitely me.

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